Jeff Schad president of Montauk Music

Jeff Schad  – Founder/President

Over the last 6+ years, Montauk Music has built a reputation for success by making our clients and their goals our mission. We are a full-service marketing agency catering to musicians and bands, providing services customized specifically for our clients’ needs:

  • PR/media campaigns for album and single releases, festivals and tours
  • Marketing plans and campaigns
  • Social media management and consulting
  • Photography services
  • Website design and app building, content development, SEO and web hosting

We work with our clients to develop a mutual understanding of their business profile, and the best ways to locate, grow and engage their target fanbases. Do you have more questions about Montauk Music and what we do? Send a message.

Founder and President, Jeff Schad has over 19 years of experience working in all spectrums of media, from music to sports to business; with newspapers, magazines, online and television. A prolific writer, Schad has contributed to, Surfer’s Journal, Cnet Updates, Thailand Business Intelligence Alert, and many regional print outlets. His media experience provided ample opportunities to work with editors, producers, journalists, publishers, photographers and others that make up the media landscape, leading him to start his own PR and marketing agency.

Schad holds an MBA in General Management from Dowling College, where he focused on marketing while also pitching and serving as captain of the baseball team. In addition, Schad worked in corporate marketing, ultimately leading marketing efforts for two separate companies before starting Montauk Music in 2010.

Schad is a serious surfer of over 25 years. He also played professional baseball for the Greenville Bluesmen of the Texas-Louisiana League before retiring due to a shoulder injury.

About the name and logo

Montauk was always going to be a part of any business Jeff started. It is a rugged and beautiful place, and it is his favorite place on earth. Montauk is sometimes warm, serene and sublime, other times lashed furiously by wind, storm and waves. Its many places and tales stir the soul and the imagination in a unique way. Jeff’s many experiences surfing and exploring the dramatic Montauk landscape left an indelible mark on him. Just one piece of advice on the place: If you are going surfing there, respect the locals.

The “M” logo was derived from the outline of a white shark’s dorsal fin. Montauk and white sharks have some interesting benthic history. Google it.

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