Watch: Artists Without Limits Debut Video”Bad Intentions”

“Dope vibes on this one vocally.” – The Fresh Committee

“Song is excellent, think you’re gonna be huge.” -Mugatunes


Artists Without Limits – “Bad Intentions”


For Immediate Release
Contact: Jeff Schad – Montauk Music: 703.581.7441 |

Artists Without Limits (AWOL) released their debut video and single, “Bad Intentions”, today. The Cincinnati foursome has grown up rapping and making music together, living life and pushing boundaries. Smart and edgy, AWOL is the Millenial face of rap. They represent the new, fresh vibe of their generation, sharply defined by an independent, carefree and entrepreneurial approach to their music and careers.

“Bad Intentions” was produced by renowned Canadian hip-hop originator Maestro Williams. The video was conceptualized and shot by Rio x Video, and directed by Mario “Khalif” Butterfield. The single is available on digital streaming and download services at

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Who Is Artists Without Limits?

AWoL TRiZ – Trent Rogers Jr. is the founder of Artists Without Limits. He attends the University of Cincinnati where he majors in Pre-Law. Trent is a young entrepreneur who aspires to establish his own brands. He has been making music since the age of 10 and has no plans to stop.

Kanu – Ian Kanu, from Nigeria, plays every percussion instrument known to man and brings an undeniable flow to Artists Without Limits music. He’s been freestyling since he can remember. He flows like he’s got a chip on his shoulder, adding fire to the AWOL signature.

Gio – Gio Moreno is the singer of the group. His talents date back to when he was young, singing in the choir at his church. A songwriter who is very passionate and versatile, Gio is referred to as the chill one of the Artists Without Limits squad.

Magnus Vir – Jensen Harris is the newest member of Artists Without Limits. He has been rapping since 2010 and has released two mixtapes- Gargantua (2013) and Vulgar (2015).