DCShuffleCaroline Ferrante, a singer songwriter from Washington DC, has had enough of super PACS corporatizing our government and tainting presidential candidates as we lead up to the election this year. Blue or red doesn’t seem to matter anymore when the hands of both parties are lined by Wall Street and special interest groups.

“The DC Shuffle” is a folk song in protest of the situation at hand which conjures the spirit of Woody Guthrie in both its message and delivery. It’s a song for everyone who is fed up with the new status quo of political fundraising, especially the everyday Americans whose voices have been diminished by the overarching power of the super PACS and their political puppets.

Caroline is releasing this song in support of Bernie Sanders, who has no ties to any super PACs. All proceeds from this song will be contributed to his campaign.

Purchase “The DC Shuffle” on CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/DCShuffle


Three octave vocals, crossover songwriting, quirky rhythm, deep wit, and infectious joy- that’s Americana singer-songwriter, Caroline Ferrante.  Caroline grew up in Chicago, but spent many summers out in Kansas on family farms. She studied theater and voice at Northwestern University, explored Utah and the American West, and made Maryland and the waters of the Chesapeake her home for the last 12 years. As she kayaked the US’s beautiful waterways & diverse landscapes, she developed her unique Americana blend of regional roots music.

After decades of songwriting, Caroline broke into the acoustic music scene in September 2011. Her stunning vocals, three-octave range, signature 12-string guitar, and crossover songwriting were quickly featured in Washington DC songwriter showcases at the Frederick Coffeehouse, Brewers Alley, the New Deal Cafe, Iota, the Music Cafe, and the Athenaeum.

Her solo career blossomed after she opened for the Birds of Chicago at the Arts Barn Songwriter Showcase, Gaithersburg MD in December 2012. Soon after, she was featured at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance- NY, the Dewey Beach Music Festival- DE, and Daisy Duke’s, Nashville- TN.

As Caroline’s songwriting evolved, she gathered a unique musical ensemble to give voice to her upbeat originals. The Whole Magilla is one part Folked-Up Americana, one part Chicago blues, some soaring R&B, and a hint of hootenanny bluegrass. Since their start in November 2013 they have been showcased at The Old Town Theater,  The O Street Mansion, & Greensboro NC’s WQFS 90.9 Epicuria Radio. Cabbage Run Records, a Maryland label, produced Caroline & The Whole Magilla’s first CD, “Live from the Belfry”, June 2014.

Caroline’s originals spin regularly on the UK’s West Norfolk Radio, and starting April 2015 Caroline will perform weekly on the Americana Radio Show at DC’s famous Mansion on O Street, recently featured on the Travel Channel’s “Mega-Mansions”. Caroline’s Songwriting was showcased at Main Street Music Fest, September 2015, featured alongside the best talent of the Mid-Atlantic. She is currently recording her first studio CD at DC’s famed Omega Studios, to be released January 2016.