Dead Man’s Mail Premiere Single/New Music Video “Tension”
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EP Release Set for July 7th
Watch “Tension” on YouTube:

Dead Man’s Mail, a five-piece group of North Carolina rock veterans, will release “Tension” their first single, with a new music video this Thursday, June 4, 2015. The song comes from their forthcoming self-titled EP, which is set for a July 7 release.

The “Tension” video is a straight performance video, as the band intends it to leave an impression close to the core of who they are and what they are about: Edgy, tight rock n’ roll performed by a group of very seasoned and experienced musicians that boldly states that rock certainly is not dead.

Vocalist Brad Benson, a full-time solo artist who has done extensive session work in Nashville for some major bands, including Parmalee, wrote “Tension” as a reflection upon a trying period he and his family went through that tested their spirit and resolve, but made them stronger in the end. “The first verse is about my wife and I meeting, falling in love and beginning our new lives. The second verse is specifically about the problems we were facing. The choruses are about using the passion from difficult times as fuel for getting through them and really loving life with all the good and bad included.”

Dead Man’s Mail was conceived by former Squeezetoy and Afroman drummer Zack Johnson, who now runs the prestigious Empire Agency in Los Angeles. The guitar work is laid down by brothers Jeremy and Michael Roberts. Michael, A UNCW music grad, has toured nationally with several Nashville-based national acts, and Jeremy has been playing with Carolina punk mainstay No Labels Fit since their inception. Rounding out the lineup is Angus Aull II, an NC State music grad, and considered by many to be one of the unsung great bassists in the region. In their short time together, they have drawn high praise for their live performances, opening for major acts at House of Blues in Houston, Dallas and Myrtle Beach, as well as several other notable venues.

Upcoming Dead Man’s Mail Shows:

July 17th – The Whiskey, Wilmington, NC (EP Release)

July 18th – Lincoln Theater (Primus afterparty), Raleigh, NC (EP Release)

September 24 – The Aztec, San Antonio, TX

September 25 – House of Blues, Dallas, TX

Septemeber 26 – House of Blues, Houston, TX

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