This year, Fiction 20 Down is doing something different with their music, their content and their fans. 2015 is The Year of Fiction 20 Down, with each month bringing fresh new tracks, podcasts, interviews, videos and more.

They started right off in January with “New York Thing”, which takes on a really fresh new sound, with synth and verse being laid down to reveal their alt-hip hop talents. Every time F20D releases new material they demonstrate ever greater ability to jell as songwriters, and with that, their willingness to explore into new worlds of sound. “New York Thing” is quite an impressive start to a year that will be full of musical surprises and great new content.

Coming soon, F20D will officially announce a new contest related to The Year of Fiction 20 Down. It’s all in the name: Fiction 20 Down was originally a song written by lead singer Jordan Lally about facing his major fear of singing in public. Though he loved music and yearned to start a band, that fear kept him from pursuing his #1 dream until he faced it head on and went all-in. Had he shied from singing in front of people, Jordan’s life would be vastly different today. This year is about standing up to your fears and not backing down, boldly living the life you choose, and inspiring others to do the same. Stay tuned to and for the #yearF20D for awesome contest details coming in the next few days.

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