Dropping November 4th, 2014

 iTunes Preorders Receive Immediate Download of New Track “The Better Half of Los Angeles”

“Been playing shows with these guys since they were babies! Good people, great music. They’ve progressed so much, hardest working band out of AZ! Those are my dudes” –Matt Ochoa (Drummer for the Dirty Heads)

With inspirations from West Coast hip hop acts like Atmosphere and Hieroglyphics to 90’s alt-rockers The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus to the legendary Jimi Hendrix, Katastro is set to release their new studio EP, No Mud No Lotus, on November 4, 2014.

The first single off the new LP, “Runaway”, quickly shot to #1 on SoundCloud’s Alternative Rock Trending Music Chart, with over 34,000 streams. This release is Katastro’s first time working with a producer throughout the entire writing and recording process. Curtis Douglas (The Maine, Eagles In Drag, This Century, Austin Gibbs and Sarah Robinson, The Midnight Special) at Red Mountain Studios set out to create a work that is open and accessible, while preserving their signature style. “With this record we set out to produce an album that would take them further (musically) than their previous stuff, while not messing up their sound—making sure we do it justice. They’re an amazing band, and great guys to work with. They should be bigger.”

With a new producer and a clear vision, Katastro went into the studio for a month and half, and emerged with the EP, No Mud No Lotus. “The name is derived from the idea of Yin and Yang, in that in order to achieve success and happiness, you have to experience some hard times,” shares drummer Andrew Stravers. “We’ve all been through a lot, personally, and as a band, and I think this new album represents those experiences.”

Lead singer Andy Chaves is known for his natural vocal versatility, able to deftly shift styles from rock to hip hop. He stated that working with Douglas as producer made all the difference in making No Mud No Lotus. “Curtis became like a member of the band, really helping our (song) ideas and bringing out our best. The songs (on the new album) definitely tell more stories than our previous songs, they have more meaning. We’ve been through so much heavy stuff as a band, that we just let that all come out in these songs. The album title gets right to that—the Lotus flower grows in the mud, then turns into something beautiful. We’ve been through the mud and the hard times, and we know that from those experiences we’re stronger, better, as a band and as people. From the first track, “Better Half of L.A.”, which is a fun song, to the moody and darker tracks “Junky” and “Voices”, this album has a lot of moods.”

Right now fans can pre-order the album on iTunes and will get an early download of the song “Better Half of Los Angeles”. iTunes Pre-Order Link: http://goo.gl/0W93nJ

Stream No Mud No Lotus on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/katastro/sets/no-mud-no-lotus

Email jeff@montaukmusic.com to request a download link

About Katastro:

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Katastro boasts the musical talents of Andy Chaves on vocals, Andrew Stravers on drums, Tanner Riccio on guitar, and Ryan Weddle on bass. Formed in 2007, Katastro has been tearing up the SouthWest music scene sharing the stage with Awolnation, 311, New Politics and Rebelution, as well as national tours with Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Passafire, Pacific Dub and their most recent with the Dirty Heads, including one of their biggest shows to date in front of a capacity crowd of over 9500 people at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Boulder, CO.

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