The Pasadena Band Heading Out On Tour This October

Watch Their New Video “Peace To My Enemies” Here:


Pasadena, MD – Having solidly established themselves in the rock/reggae/ska scene since forming in 2000, The Pasadena Band will head out on their most ambitious tour to date this October.

Forming in Maryland at the turn of the century, The Pasadena Band became one of the key bands that shaped the local sound, immediately identifiable in their music. This signature is heard and felt clearly through lead vocalist/guitarist and chief songwriter, Joey Harkum, whose ability to weave a wide array of styles together with thoughful, honest, no-nonsense lyrics earn them respect and appreciation from fans and fellow musicians.

The Pasadena Band released a new video for their song “Peace To My Enemies”; their first video ever. On the new video, Harkum says, “We had a great time shooting in our home town and were really proud of how our first video came out. It was a fun experience and i think it works well with the song.”

Many fellow bands have come and gone since The Pasadena Band formed in 2000, but Harkum and company have charted their own path, directly shaped from their homegrown influences, and it has worked in their favor. Harkum shared that, “Because we believe that the live show and interaction with fans is of most importance we’ve built a very loyal grassroots following. Whether we’re playing for 1000 people or 10 we treat each show the same. Our music is geared toward regular working-class people because that’s what we are. We work hard and help people through our music and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.”

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Oct 06 The Loft – Augusta, GA
Oct 07 Tin Roof Cantina – Atlanta, GA
Oct 08 Barrel House South – Savannah, GA
Oct 10 The Black Flower – Raleigh, NC
Oct 11 Tin Roof – Charlotte, NC
Oct 12 The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN
Oct 13 The End – Nashville, TN
Oct 14 The Emporium – Jackson, TN
Oct 15 Club 152 – Memphis, TN
Oct 16 Pirahna’s – Nashville, TN
Oct 17 Tidball’s – Bowling Green, KY
Oct 18 Lambasco Bar & Grill – Evansville, IN
Oct 19 Tin Roof – Cincinnati, OH
Oct 20 Tin Roof – Indianapolis, IN
Oct 21 Brauerhouse – Lombard, IL
Oct 22 Unruly Brewery – Muskegon, MI
Oct 27 Tin Roof – Baltimore, MD
Oct 28 Pickles – Ocean City, MD
Oct 29 Union Jack’s – Annapolis, MD