The moment you and your band made the decision to pursue your dreams, you entered the business world, where making money is key to your survival. You’re an artist, but that doesn’t change the equation. If you are in the entertainment business you have to figure out how to monetize your music, or else you won’t be in the entertainment business for long. Are you capturing every opportunity to grow and strengthen your music and your name? Are you adding additional revenue streams from your creative marketing initiatives? If not, talk to us.

Montauk Music helps our clients develop marketing plans that harness the business potential of your band. There are no cookie cutter solutions–your music, your image and your path to success can’t be served by a menu of marketing services, not if you really want to flourish.

From consulting and basic plan development to major marketing campaigns and projects, Montauk Music is excited to engage the next artist that wants the expertise and creativity only Montauk Music can deliver.

Get some ideas on how Montauk Music marketing can help you:

Jacksonology - Michael Jackson hub by Montauk Music

Jacksonology project developed and led by Montauk Music

Jacksonology Montauk Music conceived, compiled and wrote over 300 pages of content to chronicle the King of Pop’s stellar career. Jacksonology is featured on the Who’s Bad website, where it successfully draws Michael’s dedicated fans to their site. Who’s Bad is always about respecting the legacy and memories of MJ, their fans are drawn to that. So, creating Jacksonology was a perfect idea from many aspects.





Montauk Music Fan Pic Mosaics

Fan pic mosaic for Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience

Hi-Resolution Fan Pics Mosaic  There is nothing fans enjoy more than seeing their pictures from your show reposted, shared, liked, etc. The perfect merchandise offering thus made sense, and these hi resolution images, consisting of hundreds of fan photos are collectibles. When we post the low resolution versions, fans go crazy for them, demanding the hi-resolution version or a print.





Montauk Music Custom Marketing Services

We can do all this and much more

Customize Your Marketing Experience Montauk Music can work with you and your band to develop a special blend of marketing that is right for you. Believe it or not, all of these marketing disciplines can fit neatly together to form a humming marketing engine. This is where our experience in fast-paced corporate marketing really pays off for our clients. Contact us to learn more.