Do you get those thoughts in the back of your head? The ones that make you wonder whether your band can do more with your social media?

Montauk Music manages social media for select clients who want the expertise and track record that we have. Hundreds of thousands of new followers. Millions of post likes, comments, shares, retweets… If you have considered using an expert to REALLY maximize your social media, please talk to us.

Each social media platform is different, and can be leveraged in a variety of ways. We’ve managed dozens of accounts for some of our best clients, and the results have been overwhelming. More fans, more engagement, more hype, more promotional reach, more meaningful fan interactions. We are relentless in our pursuit of social media excellence on behalf of our clients.

We’ve sold out shows via social media that were under-sold. We’ve gone viral. We have built fanbases; all via social media. We’d like to discuss your social media and how to make it work for you.

Viral Montauk Music Client

This post we did for a client went viral in a major way. Over 1.1 million views, 80,000 + “likes” and over 4,000 shares!